Strange Yet Amusing Times Something Strange Happened To Our Food

When it comes to food, there’s a huge amount of variance and versatility. Of course, when it comes to thinks like fruits and veggies, we don’t expect to be faced with identical pieces. However, what we also don’t expect are carrots that look like feet of peppers that look like The Incredible Hulk’s fist! Here we have a collection of strange yet amusing times something strange happened to our food. Take a look! 

Strange Yet Amusing Times Something Strange Happened To Our Food

Watch out! This onion has angry tendencies… 

This carrot knows how to bust a move! 

We wouldn’t feel right eating this carrot-foot! 

Once again, we couldn’t eat this. That carrot is just full of emotion! 

Have you ever seen a coconut with a pull tab before?

These foods must be cousins! 

We’re not familiar with this creation! 

This pepper clearly came from The Incredible Hulk’s garden. 

The awkward moment you go to get a coffee and are faced with this…

It’s not everyday you get a free baking tray with your pizza! 

We wonder if the person responsible for this photo ate the potato… 

In case you were wondering, that’s a tiny sea shell! 

The ultimate grape! 

We can’t decide if this tomato looks like it has a zipper, or, looks like it has had stitches… 

Since when were use by dates printed on to our food?