Lidl Have A Range Of Deluxe Spreads And They’re A Christmas Must Have

Are you ready to make your holiday season sweeter with these Lidl Deluxe Spreads? What does Christmas taste like? Some may say that Christmas tastes like peppermint candy canes, egg nogs, and gingerbread cookies. Well, there’s no denying that Christmas is the season of sweets. And guess what, Lidl is going to make our holidays a lot sweeter and more luscious with this Deluxe range of syrupy spreads.

lidl deluxe spreads

The discount supermarket chain launches the Lidl Deluxe Spreads in three different flavors – Salted Caramel, Gingerbread, and Banoffee. The Salted Caramel Spread features a delicate balance of caramel sweetness and Maldon sea salt brininess. Of course, Christmas won’t be complete without gingerbreads. And the Deluxe Gingerbread Flavor Spread will surely spread the Yuletide spirit everywhere.

It features salted caramel spread with rich gingerbread flavor to turn any bread tasting like gingerbread cookies. Last but not the least, the all-time favorite English dessert pie is now in a new spread form. The Deluxe Banoffee Spread features a deliciously sweet toffee spread with banana flavor.

lidl deluxe spreads salted caramel


lidl deluxe spreads gingerbread flavor


lidl deluxe spreads banoffee flavor


deluxe spreads

The Lidl Deluxe Spreads are available here for £1.99 each. We highly recommend getting all three flavors to have more options. Let us remind you that these goodies may not last long so you need to grab them now while stocks last. Aside from bread, you can also spread them on cakes or cookies. And we won’t question your life choices if you decide to eat them straight from the jar. Besides, it’s Christmas. We have every reason to celebrate and overindulge in all things nice and sweet.