Keebler’s Got A New Make-A-Wreath Cookie Kit For Some Family Fun This Holiday Season

Move over, gingerbread cookie kits! Ferrara Candy introduces the new Keebler Make-A-Wreath Cookie Kit for a fun-filled holiday. It is great for spending creative time with family and friends. Furthermore, this kit isn’t just fun to make but it also makes delectable holiday treats. What could be a better way to celebrate the festive season than to decorate your snacks and reward yourself by eating them afterwards?

The new cookie kit includes everything you need to make wreath-shaped cookies. It includes 4 shortbread cookies, green icing and an assortment of candy to help you decorate your edible wreaths. Candies include Nerds, Spree candies and Chewy Lemonheads. Simply spread the green frosting over the cookies and decorate it by adding the colorful candies. Of course, you may want to snap some photos of your creation before you eat it.


Make-A-Wreath Cookie Kit

keebler make-a-wreath cookie kit

The cookie kit is one of Keebler’s breakthrough innovations for this year. Earlier this year, the cookie brand released the limited-edition Birthday Cake Chips Deluxe and the Cinnamon Fudge Swirl Cookies. And to end year 2020 with a bang, the brand is releasing the kid-friendly cookie kit for the holiday.

The brand hasn’t announced any official details regarding the exact date of release and which stores they’ll be rolling out to. But it’s likely that we’ll be seeing these goodies in stores a few weeks from now. Well, considering the trend of holiday treats hitting shelves right after Halloween.