Pineapple Cooler Backpack Will Keep Upto 20 Cans Cold For You On Your Travels

Have you heard about the Target Sun Squad Pineapple Backpack Cooler?

If you want to keep your food and drinks fresh, it’s best to keep them in a cooler. A cooler can help you maintain the party all day and even all night! And yet, it’s not easy to drag around a cooler from one place to another. It’s really bulky!

But what if you had this pineapple backpack cooler from the Target Sun Squad collection? It’s so cute! And, other than being cute, it’s also a great solution to bringing our beverages and food wherever we’d like to go!

The Target Sun Squad collection is that same line that introduced to us those $6 fanny pack coolers. Weren’t those as impressive? With these fantastic inventions, you can fit all your favorite craft beers and canned wines in just one portable storage. In fact, the backpack holds 20 cans!

front view target sun squad pineapple backpack cooler

If you’re not that into pineapples, there are also other options available — such as Americana and Geo Print patterns. And, just like the pineapple backpack cooler, these different varieties also have a leakproof liner, an outside storage pocket, and adjustable straps. You can purchase any of these backpack coolers at Target at only $20.

leakproof target sun squad pineapple backpack cooler

The Target Sun Squad pineapple backpack cooler has averaged 4.6 out of 5-star ratings from 12 users. One of them said:

“I’ve never written a review for any Target purchase before even though I’m always happy with my items, this cooler backpack, however, definitely deserves one! I just bought it and used it yesterday, and I’m already in love! Not only is it adorable, it is everything I needed. It’s bigger than I thought, well-made, does not leak, and is comfortable to carry.”

adjustable straps target sun squad pineapple backpack cooler

Source: Target