People Share The Things You Should Not Put On Dating Profiles

Many people opt for using online apps and websites for dating. By going down this path, you expand your potential matches. To do this, you need to create a profile that represents yourself to others. Some people post the bare minimum whilst others go all out, either way, there are certain things that can be really off putting. Here we have a selection of people sharing the things you should not put on dating profiles! Of course, your point of view on these images will depend on your personality. Take a look and see which ones you agree with!
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Things You Should Not Put On Dating Profiles

Some people find this to be a big no go. 

Something to bear in mind! 

This saves any future awkwardness! 

This seems harsh, but a lot of people believe this! 

Guns can be rather intimidating! 

What is the point in lying about your age? 

We see why having a lot of pictures can come across this way, however, we think it’s good to show people lots of different versions and angles of yourself so that they get an accurate representation. 

Having no pictures is a huge red flag! 

This isn’t for everyone but it’s good to make your preferences clear early on. 

Hmm. This one doesn’t make too much sense to us! 

Shirtless photos do tend to give off a certain impression. 

Smoking is a game changer for many. 

Spelling mistakes can be hard to look past! 

We have to agree on this one!

Each to their own! 

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