The Ora Leaf-Shaped Shower Panel Is Stunning And Reduces Water Usage

Nothing can be more relaxing than a nice warm shower after a gruelling day. But have you ever stopped in the middle of your shower and felt a niggling sense of guilt about the water running down the drain? After all, it can be so easy to lose track of time when you’re in the shower. A quick 10-minute shower can stretch up to an hour because it just feels so good to stand underneath that warm downpour! You’re not alone in this.. everyone’s got bad shower habits. Luckily, the ORA leaf-shaped shower panel just might solve your wastewater woes!

Kiev, Ukraine-based designer Vladimir Polikarpov is the genius behind the impressively stunning ORA Shower System. The leaf-shaped shower panel elegantly fuses together form and function. According to Polikarpov, he took inspiration from the shape of a tropical plant leaf. In addition to this, the designer also shared that he wanted to convey a certain message to its user:

“I came to the desire to create some primordial image in the form of a leaf of a tropical plant with a technological life approach in the future, thereby reminding the person of his connection with the natural.”

model approaches ORA leaf-shaped shower panel
A’Design Award and Competition


Polikarpov’s ORA Shower System resembles a tropical leaf

The ORA Shower System features a giant heart-shaped leaf complete with a body (that resembles a petiole) and an accompanying shower hanger. The shower panel measures 6.5-feet tall, 2.2 feet wide and a little under 2 feet deep. Each part of the shower panel has unique features. The stunning leaf showerhead, for instance, has a digital control interface that allows it to regulate the water’s temperature and flow. Meanwhile, the body will absorb the steam that you would normally overlook and just let out after you’re done. This shower system also comes with a shower hanger that features a steam-absorbing shower wand. But most importantly, the gray water will be collected and cleaned by the ORA Shower System’s gray water cleaning function.

Polikarpov detailed that the ORA leaf-shaped shower panel is made from durable, heat-resistant acrylic resins. The leaf-like showerhead features gold-colored glass. Both the shower panel and shower hanger are illuminated with warm light, which gives the unique shower fixture an even more distinct appearance. You could even say that it looks almost enchanted. We’ve got a feeling that ladies who will use the leaf-shaped shower panel won’t be able to resist imagining themselves as tiny fairies bathing from the dew that formed over the leaf’s surface overnight. How cool and whimsical is that?

closer look at the details of the ORA leaf-shaped shower panel
A’Design Award and Competition


The ORA leaf-shaped shower panel can help you solve your household water management woes

Every household, in any country, produces two kinds of wastewater: gray water and black water. When you wash your hands, do the dishes or laundry, or shower, you produce gray water. This is the wastewater that the ORA Shower System recycles and re-distributes to other water-using sections of your house. The ORA Shower System comes equipped with a tray that can collect around 60 liters (or more depending on the size of the tray you get) of gray water. Its gray water filtration system then processes the gray water to rid it of the impurities. Once that’s done, the clean gray water will then be stored in the leaf-shaped shower panel’s body before it’s redistributed around the house.

This simple process will allow your household to save around 50% to 70% of the water you use every time you shower. The recycled gray water can be used for functions like flushing and watering plants. Your water bill will definitely decrease with this kind of system! And of course, this will help significantly in our bid to be more eco-friendly.

function infographic of the ORA Shower System
A’Design Award and Competition


The ORA Shower System will make a stunning and sustainable addition to your bathroom

Many of us consider our bathrooms as our personal sanctuary. That’s why people tend to splurge a bit more on the fixtures that they install in their bathrooms. There are definitely many fixture designs available in showrooms everywhere today. Gray water recycling systems are also becoming more and more popular these days. But none of the available designs can possibly beat the ORA leaf-shaped shower panel in terms of form and function. After all, the design was awarded the Platinum A’Design Award in the Bathroom Fixture and Sanitary Ware Design Category in 2018. Sadly, this shower system is still unavailable for purchase as of writing. But there is no doubt that we’re definitely keeping an eye out for it!

Source: A’Design Award and Competition