25 Amazing Home Theaters Anyone Would Love To Own


Imagine having your very own movie theater in your house. You might get sick of everyone always wanting to come round to your place for movie night, but at least you could get them to bring the popcorn! The lucky owners of these awesome home theaters don't have to imagine, because they just have to nip through a door and they're in their very own private cinema. Some of these amazing rooms are just off the charts, especially the themed ones. We honestly can't pick our favorite out of these as they are all so awesome!


There's even a Japanese-style dining area in this home theater.



Now you don't have to choose between watching a movie and going for a swim.


The force is strong with this Star Wars home theater.


You don't have to brave the elements to watch a film beneath the stars.stars-home-theater


This stadium-style home theater is perfect for watching the big game.


Check out the killer sound system.


Kids will love this playroom home theater.


Modern meets classic and looks fantastic.


There are no words for this amazing Mario home theater.


Take a trip to Middle Earth in this Lord of the Rings inspired home theater.


This sumptuous theater looks like it belongs on Broadway.great-white-way-home-theater


This mine shaft home theater is just so cool.


This ultra-modern home theater looks chic and futuristic.


This awesome family home theater even has its own refreshments stand.



This might look like a Parisian street…



But it's really the corridor leading to this amazing French art house style home theater.


Have Scotty beam you up to this Star Trek home theater.


This ingeniously decorated home theater will make you think you're at the drive-in.


This classic home theater harks back to Hollywood's golden age.drama-class-home-theater


This stunning home theater just oozes with luxury.


Avast mateys! This Black Pearl home theater isn't for land lubbers. Savvy?



This amazing home theater also has a billiards table and a bar. Nice!


This Bat Cave home theater is every superhero fan's dream.


Make your way 20,000 leagues under the sea in this vintage submarine-style home theater.

This home theater was inspired by Stargate Atlantis.


This 1920s-style theater has classic charm.

Which one would you choose to put in your home?