Now You Can Dry Off Your Dog In Minutes After Their Bath With This Dog Dryer Jacket

Drying your dog after a bath can be troublesome for both you and your dog. Our furry canine companions aren’t actually fond of hair dryers. In fact, they loathe this device. But we can’t just let them roam outside with wet fur, right? Even if it means having to chase them around just to persuade them to go under a hair dryer. Well, consider this problem solved. Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer Jacket is here to save your day.

Proper grooming is an essential routine for all types of pets, especially the furry ones. Most dog owners typically bathe their pets once a month or every other week. This is to make sure that their dogs are clean and free of parasites. Of course, regular baths also make your pooch smelling great and more pleasant to be around.

Most pet owners usually don’t have any trouble with giving baths to their dogs. But the real challenge begins right after bath time. The moment when you have to blow dry your dog after every bath, that’s when the problem arises. First and foremost, the alarming sound of a hair dryer can startle your dog and may try to escape. Second, too much heat can be harmful to dogs. Since you can only set the dryer to low heat, it would take you more time (one hour to be exact) to thoroughly air dry their wet fur.

puff-n-fluff dog dryer jacket

The Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer Jacket will help relieve your dog’s fear of a hair dryer. Since the jacket has a flex-tube that attaches to most hair dryers, the tube can reduce the dryer sound that most dogs are scared of. More importantly, the jacket retains warm air inside to help dry the dog faster. Thus, reducing your dog’s stress brought about by the drying process.

dog dryer jacket


puff-n-fluff dog dryer jacket quick dry

Despite its hilarious appearance, the Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer Jacket is a valuable must-have for all dog owners. You can conveniently use it to warm your dog from cold winter walks or to dry them after they jumped into the pool. After a bath, remove all excess water from your dog with a dry towel. Lay the dryer jacket on the floor with the labels ‘Head’ and ‘Tail’ facing up. Insert the paws into the leg holes then attach the Velcro together on both sides. Gently tighten the drawstrings around the neck and tail. Attach the hair dryer to the flex-tube and turn the device on using warm or low heat setting. The air will puff the jacket out while air vents through the small openings on the leg, neck, and tail holes.

puff-n-fluff dog dryer jacket leg holes


puff-n-fluff dog dryer jacket flex tubes


puff-n-fluff dog dryer jacket flex tube


puff-n-fluff dog dryer jacket amazon

This amazing dryer jacket for dogs is available here in four different sizes – extra small, small, medium, and large. One satisfied customer wrote:

“My 14-lb maltese/yorkie dog loves it. We’ve only used it twice, but he’s really taken to it. The first time we used it, he seemed unsure of it. But on the second time, as soon as he saw it laid out on the floor, he jumped on it and sat there, waiting to be fluffed! It takes less than 10 minutes to dry him.”