The ‘CropBox’ Could Change The Way We Grow Crops Forever

If we told you that you could grow an acre’s worth of food in a space the size of two parking spaces, what would you say? It seems too incredible to be true, but a new invention has come to change all this. The CropBox was invented by Ben Greene, who believes this could be the future of arable agriculture. Made out of recycled shipping containers, the CropBox isn’t just a glorified greenhouse. It runs almost automatically on a hydroponic system, which uses about 90% less water and 80% less pesticides.

All aspects of the environment, from lighting to temperature to water, can be controlled via a smartphone app. Because the environment is easy to control, crops can be grown all year round, in up to eight crop cycles, much more than on a traditional plot. You can also stack up to five of these containers on top of one another, so in the area of two back-to-back parking spaces, you could grow five acres worth of crops. Amazing!

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This awesome invention means that people would even be able to grow their own food in inner city areas, where there’s not enough space to devote acres to food production. CropBoxes are available to either buy or lease from the company, so you can get growing from as little as $1,000.

Watch the CropBox video below

Source: CropBox