This Tiny House Is Too Cute For Words And Functional Too

At first glance, this home looks like if could be a very posh children’s playhouse. You’d think there was no way the proper amenities needed in a home could fit within it. You’d be wrong. This 280 square foot home has every comfort you need and what’s more, it has removable ceiling panels and upper walls which can fold in on themselves, allowing the mobile home to fit on a flat bed trailer unit. The homes are being produced in Aurora OR, retailing for just $70,000. Check it out!
Website: tinyhouse.heininge

From the outside, it looks too tiny for words.

But check out how spacious the living area is.

The stairs (yes, there are stairs) contain extra storage space.

And upstairs, the ceiling is high enough for you to be able to stand up straight. Plus there’s a queen sized bed.

The kitchen has everything you need.

Everywhere you look there’s extra storage.

There’s even room for a bathroom in here…

…with a jacuzzi-style bath, no less!

The home has a unique design. Here it is half completed.

And here it is completed, from another angle. Tiny, isn’t it? How can all that stuff possibly fit inside?

Here are the floor plans, in case you’re wondering.