Adorable Friendship Between A Dog And A Rat


We've seen many unlikely animal friendships here at Awesome Inventions, but this is one of the most adorable! Riff Ratt is a 3-month-old rat who was rescued by his new owner at just 4 weeks of age and fed by them with a syringe. Osiris is a 3-year-old Dutch shepherd therapy dog. You wouldn't think the pair would be pals, but these two cuties are inseparable, and these pictures of them will make you "aww" for days. On their Instagram page, their owner wrote…

"Riff Ratt really likes licking the inside of Osiris’ mouth. I’m sure you all are wondering if we’re afraid Osiris will eat Riff – NOPE! Osiris has helped foster and care for dozens of animals and he is the gentlest dog I’ve ever met."

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Oh, my! How we love this dynamic duo!

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