The 4-Person Bicycle Allows You To Travel With The Whole Family

Take your whole family on a fun excursion with this 4-Person Bicycle. As the name implies, this robust go-kart features 4 seats to accommodate an entire family of four at once. Yes, gone are the days where we have to add bike attachments just to bring the kids along. Especially designed to fit two adults and two children, this pedal go-kart is perfect for those who are looking for some quality bonding time with their kids.

This bicycle has 2 set of pedals at the back seats. Needless to say, the backseats are where the adults should sit. Furthermore, a steering wheel is also located at the backseat so one of the adults can drive the bike. Meanwhile, the two front seats are designed for the kids. Each front seat has a seat belt to keep your little ones safe while riding. The kids won’t have to pedal at all. The adults at the back will have to do all the hard work.


4-person bicycle pedal go-kart


4-seater pedal go-kart


4-person bicycle

Ideal for personal or commercial use, this bicycle is lightweight and easy to handle. You can use it for a leisure ride on recreational parks, campgrounds, hotels, resorts and other outdoor areas. Plus, you can also add an optional sun roof that you can easily attach to the frame to give you shade from the sun. Furthermore, this 4-seater pedal bike features a cool attractive design with black frames and orange seats that will surely grab everyone’s attention wherever you go.


4-person bicycle sun roof


4-person bicycle with sun roof


4-person bicycle back


4-seater go-kart wheels


4-person bicycle for family


There is an Electric Version of The 4-Person Bicycle to!

Take note that this bicycle has a weight capacity of 771 lbs. So, you may not want to exceed this if you want to ensure smooth operation for years to come. While some parents love the idea and the health benefits of pedaling, some may not want all that work. Well, if you’re only looking for a leisure ride without working up a sweat then the 4-Seater Electric Go-Kart is the one for you. The electric version is powered by a lithium-ion 36V 15Ah battery (2.5 hours charging time) that provides support for pedals. Switching on the electric mode enables the go-kart to speed up to 10mph for up to 4 hours.


4-seater go-kart electric


electric 4-person bicycle battery


electric 4-person bicycle pedal support


electric 4-person bicycle with sun roof


electric bike back


Get the standard version here and the electric version here to give your entire family a relaxing ride in the outdoors. Watch the video below to see the 4-Seater Go-Kart in action.



Check out the video below and watch how to assemble this bicycle