This Anatomical Brick Man Can Be Broken Down Piece By Piece

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a brick figure? This creepy anatomical Brick Man will show us just that. Designed by New York-based custom toy sculptor Jason Freeny, this figure has a half transparent body that reveals its internal organs. What’s more, you can open up the figure’s body to dissect it. You can remove the innards and put them back together to learn their proper placements.

anatomical lego brick man

This anatomical Brick Man stands 5 inches tall and composed of 16 different parts that you can assemble together and disassemble to dissect. Ideal for ages 8 and up but not recommended for children under 3 years due to small parts that can pose choking hazard.

This LEGO-inspired figure combines fun playtime and learning, allowing kids to learn the anatomical structure of a human. Moreover, it can also serve as a stress-reliever for adults as they can take the pieces apart and put them back together. That is a great way to ease boredom away, right?

anatomical lego brick man side


anatomical lego brick man disassembled


anatomical lego brick man half transparent


anatomical lego brick man jason freeny

anatomical lego brick man detail


anatomical lego brick man box

Get the anatomical Brick Man here and here. This figure also doubles as a keychain or as an awesome addition to your desk. One happy customer wrote:

“My 4 year old was so excited to get this as a birthday present. He loves learning about the anatomy of different creatures and loves playing with all kinds of building sets. Combining the two was perfect for him. He takes his ‘anatomy guy’ with him just about everywhere.”

Source: Amazon | Walmart