You Can Now Get A Scarf That Looks Like The Ridiculously Long CVS Receipt

You’ve probably noticed how incredibly long CVS receipts are. Even when you buy only one item, you get to receive a mile-long receipt which has become one of life’s biggest mysteries. A clever designer took this baffling enigma into a brilliant idea and came up with a CVS Receipt Scarf. And it’s basically because, as everyone knows, CVS receipts are so preposterously long that you can wear them as scarves.

Etsy shop Receipt Scarves introduces the CVS Receipt Scarf designed to look like just the infamously super-lengthy receipt. The scarf may look like a real receipt. But it is made of soft fleece which is super soft, warm, and comfortable. It measures 59 inches long and 8 inches wide featuring printed texts from an actual CVS receipt. Amusingly, the receipt shows a purchase of just one item for less than $2.

cvs receipt scarf funny

The popular drugstore’s insanely long receipts is a thing of legend in retail. It’s hilarious and frustrating at the same time. Not to mention how it can adversely affect the environment, just imagine that substantial amount of paper that immediately goes to the trash. But there’s actually a reason why their receipts are so long.

If you’ve noticed, a single receipt includes a long list of targeted coupons and messages from the company’s loyalty program. Other drugstores also offer loyalty programs, but not as lengthy as CVS. For the American pharmacy, its stunningly long receipts are the keystone of a more comprehensive marketing strategy.


This CVS Receipt Scarf is made of soft fleece and looks exactly like the real thing

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cvs receipt scarf fleece


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cvs receipt scarf

Many shoppers still find these long receipts unnecessary. Some even joked that the receipts are so long that you can wrap them around the neck and use as scarves. Well, this Etsy shop brought this funny idea into a reality and designed the CVS Receipt Scarf. Its hilarious design is perfect to be worn by both women and men, adults and kids, and even dogs.

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A scarf for all season, it keeps you warm in winter and can complement any fashionable outfit you wear. It also makes a fun white elephant gift idea for your friends and loved ones. Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry low. Do not bleach. One happy buyer wrote:

“Awesome scarf, super high quality, and have gotten a ton of positive comments about it! People always ask where I got it from and part of me wants to keep it a secret. Overall, good price and also actually very warm!”


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Get yours here.