12 Hilarious ‘Expectation Vs Reality’ Cooking Fails


We've all been there whether it be intentional or not, seeing something on the internet we want to replicate. This is particularly popular when it comes to food. You're scrolling on a website and you stumble across a mouthwatering cake, feeling confident enough to give it a go. And why not?! Generally there are instructions provided, so, you get your ingredients and prepare to create something awesome. However, somewhere down the line, whether it be during your cooking session or right at the end, something just hasn't gone right. In fact, many times something will have gone very, very wrong! Take a look below at 12 hilarious examples of people whose expectations did not end up their reality!




Star Wars


Sour Patch


Shark Cupcakes


Choc Cake





Bunny Rolls


Love Me


Elmo Cake






Hedgehog Cake