Little Henry and Hetty Hoover/Vacuum Cleaners For Children

It’s all well and good kids having fun with their toys, but what about all the mess they make? I mean, they think Mummy and Daddy are going to pick up after them for the rest of their childhood? Well, yes because that’s what parents do. But my point is, they can now join Mummy and Daddy cleaning up by getting their very own Henry and Hetty hoover/vacuum cleaner out and start cleaning themselves. All while having fun in the process of course!

These little hoovers actually work like the real thing. They suck up dirt into a detachable drawer and don’t need to be plugged in as they run on batteries. So no more trip hazards.

Better still, they don’t cost the earth either.

henry hetty


vacuum cleaner for kids



 “Little ones love to help Mummy and Daddy tidy! This is a fantastic replica of the much loved multi-purpose vacuum.”

henry hetty


hetty hoover for children

Customers are writing raving reviews across the web as well:

“Bought this as a 1st birthday gift for my nephew as he’s obsessed with the actual Henry hoover whenever my sister is vacuuming. He absolutely loves using his very own one, cute in size and sounds like a hoover, even picks up light weight. He’s very happy and enjoys his new hoover.”

Another wrote:

“My little boy loves this, I bought myself the adult version. It picks up & makes the sounds of a real hoover. He follows me around with his hoover, while I am hoovering. It’s so cute.”

turn the top


detachable drawer



So there you go. You can put your feet up while your little one does all the work for you. Again, joking of course. Get off your bum and show them how it’s done!
Get your Henry and Hetty Hoover/Vacuum Cleaners today!