This Family Wearing Color Coded T-Shirts Take A Photo That Creatively Shows Their Family Tree From Top To Bottom

Have you seen the unique family tree house the Reddit user Orbdeluxxxe has shared? If not, then be sure to uncover just how adorable it looks!

It’s fascinating to trace decades of ancestry through a family tree. Isn’t that a fact? Well, a family tree commonly displays itself as a chart, featuring the oldest in your line up to the youngest generations right at the bottom. In other words, they’re just simple layouts that you can trace easily. You can spot all past and present family members up to your very existence!

And yet, there’s one unique family tree that seems to stand out among all family trees. The Reddit user OrbDeluxxxe and his relatives have taken the concept to the next level using an unforgettable portrait! They took the photo during their reunion, with 45 family members standing. Where? They’re on the balconies of their large lake house! Their arrangement? They designed it to feature each generation!

Reddit user OrbDeluxxxe shared an adorable photo of his family reunion. It’s a family tree house — a family tree cleverly depicted by all the relatives in the clan’s large home!

family tree house orbdeluxxxe

So, OrbDeluxxxe posted the fantastic photo on Reddit, captioning it as follows:

“60 years ago the couple at the top said ‘I do.’”

So, the resulting image results in such a unique family tree house. There, you’ll see the oldest couple in their line, standing at the very top of what you’d consider a “tree house.” Then, you’ll see their six children with spouses, right in the level below the first couple. Of course, the third generation would follow at the next lower level, with five of them carrying fourth generation babies right in their arms. Well, it wouldn’t be hard to distinguish between generations since each gets a color representation in their t-shirts! They’ve also arranged themselves from left to right to present the oldest to the youngest with clarity.

OrbDeluxxxe was at the center of the epic photo. He further explains:

“We were actually short 4 people on the bottom row—a couple in red and a couple in the periwinkle. Bottom row includes 5 great-grandkids, and hopefully more on the way in due time.”

“Nearly everyone on the bottom row at least has a BA or BS, there’s a Ph.D., an MD, an MBA, and a masters in social work on that row, and two who are hoping to get MDs in the near future. There is also a handful of engineers and 2 teachers.”


60 years ago the couple at the top said “I do” from r/pics

Who could say it isn’t a witty photo? It surely is! Furthermore, it brings up a lot of fond memories. As the Redditor himself writes:

“Grandma and grandpa have a lake house, we all have great memories of going there and walking down to the marina, deer spotting in the back yard, etc. Everyone is always welcome, and you can count on grandma to make your favorite cookies/snacks.”

Source: OrbDeluxxxe/Reddit