13 Of The Funniest Animal Photobombs To Get You Through The Day


Internet trends come and go, but one thing that we will never ever get bored of is the animal photobomb. What could be funnier than seeing an animal get in the way of a perfect shot? Although, in our opinion, the pictures are much better with the photobomb than they ever would have been without it! These cheeky critters seem to have a knack for inserting themselves into the frame at the most critical moment and we love them for it! Here are thirteen of the funniest animal photobombs that will help you get through the toughest of days. Take a look!



“Hey, Dave… look… look! I’m making it seem like this dude’s got a fish for a head. Hilarious AF.”


“Bork! Bork! Look at me!”


“I’m watching you… I will always be watching you…”


“Umm.. guys… could you get a good picture of my snout? It’s looking especially distinguished today…”


“Oh, hi there fellas! How’s it hanging? Ha ha… hanging… geddit?!”


“Don’t tell them I’m behind them, or you’ll be next!”


“Can’t a dog get a little privacy around here? Jesus!”


“Let me OUUUUUT!”


“God, Jeff, I’m trying to stare off into the middle distance and look all mysterious and you’re acting like a prat again.”


“What’s this device? Can I eat it?”


“Stop it! No photos, please!”


“How are y’all doing in there?”


“I will destroy you.”

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