Churchgoers Confess The Shocking Things They Have Seen During Service

Whether you go to church on a regular basis or have simply been on the odd occasion, you may have witnessed a few things that are less than holy. More often than not, people tend to be on their best behavior whilst attending, so things often run smoothly. However, every now and again, something shocking occurs! Here we have a list of images where churchgoers confess the strange, amusing and mortifying things they have seen during service. Take a look!
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We bet there were a few jaws hanging open when this happened! 

This does sound like an awkward moment indeed! 

Maybe so, but making presumptions and gossiping about something that could be untrue is unkind and risky. 

Do people have no shame? Do this in private! 

Welcome to 2017 everyone! 

We bet the parents were utterly mortified! 

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Sometimes you just can’t help but laugh at a fart. We all know it’s immature but sometimes it’s just hilarious! 

Not the best location for such an act! 

No way! Who would do this?!

Oh no! Not the bosom! 

Whilst this may be exactly how it seems, you should never make allegations that could ruin lives in our opinion! 

Oh goodness! Everyone dreads this happening to them! 

Sometimes the wrong thing just slips out! 

The thought of someone throwing up on us makes us feel horrendous. 

This seems pretty inappropriate!