People Share Their Stories Of Childhood Neglect

The horrible reality of life is that not every child is raised in a loving, safe and happy home. Unfortunately, not every parent fulfills their duty of protecting their kid(s). So many are left feeling lost, lonely and abandoned. Sometimes, they are actually tragically abused. Below we have a list of people sharing their stories of childhood neglect and the consequences that followed. Take a look…
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This is such a tough situation. We’re sure that the parents didn’t mean to neglect any of their children but were simply so focused on their sick child. 

We often crave the things in adulthood that we lacked during childhood. 

It’s awful to think about how many struggling children go unnoticed. 

Divorce can be extremely hard to deal with at any age, but it can particularly tough on children. 

Watching others enjoy a special occasion that brings you pain sucks. 

Of course you do! It’s a parent’s duty to care for and protect their child. 

No one likes feeling that they’re only getting attention as a 2nd (or 3rd) choice. And, it’s even worse when it’s not even the kind of attention that you want. 

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For those that don’t know, haphephobia is a fear of touching or being touched.

Sometimes people who aren’t blood related to you end up being better family members. 

This person was robbed of their education.

It’s frustrating when people evade justice. 

No it does not. Most people in large families would say there are wonderful positives and awful negatives when it comes to having so many siblings. 

Sometimes we want people to taste their own medicine. 

This is a natural but irrational fear. Don’t worry. We’re sure you’ll be a great parent!