Confusing Pics You Need To Look Twice To Understand

Our own eyes can play tricks on us and when the brain doesn’t agree with the eyes, confusion takes place. We see a lot of interesting things on the internet such as confusing pics and optical illusions. What makes them so interesting is that they require us some time to figure out what’s going on with them. They usually don’t make sense at first glance, but you’ll eventually deduce everything after a closer look. Try to look at these confusing pics and let your brain and eyes work together to understand what’s going on. Are you ready for the challenge?




The cantilevered building and the reflection on the windshield make it seem that part of the building is floating.

Reddit | cyclefreaksix

This oven is trying to tell us something but I can’t figure out what it is.

Reddit | pluckyduckface

There’s a lot of surprising items available for grabs at the vending machine. Now who wants some tasty chicken feet?

Reddit | NewbKidWasTaken

This anti-smoking poster seems a bit messed up. Now we’re not quite sure what it’s trying to say.

Reddit | bowlosoup

We’ll give this photo a two thumbs up.

Reddit | Mol10Lava

One gravestone doesn’t make any sense. I want to believe that’s a trash can but that spout tells me otherwise.

Reddit | themolitor

No dog was actually cut in half in the making of this photo. And that log next to the dog wasn’t harmed either.

Reddit | hazardnipt

Puzzling photos that will have you scratching your head



The driver wants to know how it feels to be a samurai driving a modern car.

Facebook | cdromance

This knock-off brand of the famous Polo logo has reversed the roles of the polo player and the horse. I think I like this logo more than the original.

Reddit | insoh2

Is this a baby with adult legs or an adult with a baby face?

Reddit | wilki724

I’m worrying about the cat here. I don’t really care about the guy.

Reddit | insaneblane

The first thing you’ll notice here is the white car being parked in front of the slide. You’ll soon realize the truth when you look at the whole picture and figure out everything.

Reddit | Dstone66

A girl with 3 legs?! How about a normal girl holding a vase? I think that makes more sense.

Reddit | jezebelshottersister

Is this a car from the Upside Down? We’re seeing a lot of Stranger Things lately? I guess that’s enough puns from me for today.

upside down car confusing pics
Reddit | javems

I wonder, how does baby taste?

Reddit | GooGooGajoob67