This Mom Hilariously Highlights The Realities Of Having 3 Young Children

It’s no secret that parenting can be extremely difficult and tiring, particularly when you have more than one child! Most people say that having 1 child is bearable, having 2 you can just about cope, but, when you go past that point, things get really hectic. Here we have an amusing list of images shared by stay at home mom Janet. They include the daily antics of her 5 year old daughter and her 2 year old set of boy/girl twins. Take a look for a glimpse into the lives of Janet’s lovely family!
Website: JanetEGorman

‘It’s Always Fun When Your Kid Wakes Up Covered In Blood’

‘Thanks For *Helping* Mommy Clean… With An Entire Pack Of Wipes’

‘*Co-Sleeping Is The Best* Said No Parent Ever’

‘The Cool Kid’

‘Cuddle Time (Yes, In The Crib)’

‘Diapers? I Don’t See Any Diapers’

‘I Leave The Kitchen For One Second…’

We can imagine parenting life is more difficult when twins are involved. ‘Double the trouble’ as the saying goes! It must be super hard trying to teach 2 babies the same things at the same times. You finally get one to sleep and the other wakes them straight back up! We have a huge amount of respect for all hardworking parents, and it’s clear to see Janet is one of them.

‘Just 1 Family Selfie. That’s All I Ask’

‘Just A Half Of A Cupcake. Can’t Be Too Messy. Ugh’

‘Just One Piece Of Chocolate’

‘I Just Want To Take Your Picture’

‘Did I Mention Potty Training Is Messy?’

‘Never A Clean House’

‘No Pockets? No Problem!’

Wow. Janet definitely has her hands full! Despite their tantrum faces and mess making habits, the children really are beautiful. We love that these images aren’t falsified in any way. They are honest and show the genuine occurrences of daily life with 3 children, poop included. If you are about to come a parent of are thinking of being one in the future, we hope you’re ready to face everything you’ve seen in these images! It’s not all bad, though, we promise! 


‘Pick Me Up!!!’

‘This Is Not What I Had In Mind When We Decided To Have A Playroom’

‘Yup. That’s Poo.’

‘Potty Training 1 Is Hard. Potty Training Twins Is Exhausting!’

‘Oh, Thank You For Taking Off Your Diaper. Is That Poo Behind You?’

‘Can’t Get A Good Selfie With The Kids’

We’re approaching the end of the post now and we’d like to take a moment to thank Janet for allowing us to see what life is like with her lovely children. Many parents like to pretend that life is all rainbows and that their kids never put a foot wrong but we admire the parents who aren’t afraid to show that things are not always easy.

‘3 Sick Kids. Not Fun’

‘Just Sit On The Stairs And I’ll Take Your Picture. Not So Simple’

‘Oh The Sweet Sound Of Silence Times 2’

‘Oh, The Sweet Sound Of Silence’

‘What Now?’