Hilariously Lazy People Whose Ingenuity is Extraordinary

Research suggests that laziness is a sign of high intelligence. This theory may be hard to believe but let us explain the reason behind it. Lazy people living a sedentary life spend more time engaged in their own thoughts. So it’s safe to assume that lazy people have developed their mind better than their body. On the other hand, their active counterparts spend more time with physical activities. Hence, active people achieve more active body but a less active mind. And this explains why lazy people are more intelligent and creative. Are you still doubtful? Here are some examples of hilariously lazy people whose ingenuity is extraordinary.


This is how to gulp down multiple drinks in one shot.

This guy found a solution to check if the pot is boiling without getting up from the bed. He Skyped it.

The easiest and quickest way to write the letter ‘H’. This kid is a prodigy.

Enjoying a drink without getting up from the couch.

Anything goes for a lazy person.

The razor handle broke and this guy was too lazy to get a new one. Guess what he just did.

I don’t care what they say but cords are still useful.

Being lazy has its perks


Putting up decorations is so tiring. So combine Halloween and Christmas to save on time and effort.

Let the workers do the work, right?

Watching while lying in bed. Admit it, folks. This is ingenious.

Lazy people don’t bake cakes. They let you do the work. Happy birthday anyway.

Toy guns are fun. They let me switch off the lights without me getting off the bed.

We can now enjoy our food while taking a bath.

Why do you have to get out when you can refill gas while you’re inside the car?

Here’s Google if you need to ask anything because we’re too busy being lazy.