There’s A Coffee Mate M&M’s Flavored Creamer Coming Soon

Who here can’t wait to ring in 2021? We feel you! The Hershey Company does too apparently, because they’ve already got the Coffee Mate M&M’s-flavored Chocolate Creamer ready to ring in 2021! This chocolatey coffee creamer follows the brand’s Cookies ‘N Cocoa Creamer that’s perfect for your holiday cup. Dare we say that this milk chocolate and creamer mashup is a match made in coffee heaven?

It’s worth noting that this isn’t Coffee Mate’s first time collaborating with a chocolate candy brand to create a sweet new coffee creamer. Just last year, they churned out creamers packed with the goodness of Snickers and Dove Chocolates. Then, they opened 2020 with a pair of cereal-inspired creamers to sweeten our morning cups. Clearly, the brand is on a mission to give us a sweet start every day, no matter the season!

coffee mate M&M's-flavored creamer
Coffee Mate


Ring in the new year with a sweet cup of coffee with the Coffee Mate M&M’s-flavored Creamer

According to a PR rep, we can look forward to catching that unmistakable M&M’s flavor smoothly blended into our coffee when we use the M&M’s-flavored Creamer. So basically, we’ll get something that’s along the flavor profile of caffè mocha or even cappuccino, depending on how much you add into your coffee. Needless to say, my sweet tooth is ready. There can’t possibly be a sweeter way to sip our way into a good year, right?

The M&M’s-flavored Creamer will be hitting refrigerated sections across the country in January 2021. And according to sources, a 32-ounce bottle will cost around $3.79, which is definitely a fair price for a truly sweet partner for our coffee. We honestly would have loved it if this milk chocolate-y coffee creamer was released this Halloween season. After all, Halloween is all about scary things and sweet stuff. But we’re pretty sure that this creamer will do nicely in helping wake us up from our New Year hangover next year!