Surpass Your Neighbors This Year With A National Lampoon’s Vacation-Inspired Inflatable RV/Wagon

How about celebrating the holiday on the road, Griswold-style? Well, sort of. This inflatable Christmas Vacation RV will bring the adventure right into your front lawn. It is the closest that you will get to the iconic RV used in the 1989 comedy from the National Lampoon’s Vacation series. Add some humor and laughter to the holiday and experience a fun-filled Christmas like the Griswold’s would.

Inflatable Christmas Vacation RV

inflatable christmas vacation rv national lampoon


Inspired by one of the most iconic movie cars of all time, this inflatable RV is a replica of Cousin Eddie’s hideous van. Complete with all the rust and grime of the original vehicle. It comes with energy-efficient LED lights, creating an impressive display day or night.

Unlike other inflatables, this RV is self-inflating so there’s no need for a laborious manual pumping. It only takes a few minutes to inflate on its own and it stands 4 feet tall when fully inflated. Yes, it’s not as big as the actual vehicle but it’s huge enough to grab everyone’s attention. Additionally, it comes with stakes and tethers to secure it in place. You don’t have to worry about chasing after it on windy nights because the stakes will keep it steadily on the ground.


inflatable christmas vacation rv


Get the inflatable RV and win the hearts of your guests (and the jealousy of your neighbors too). Aside from Cousin Eddie’s RV, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation also featured the equally popular Station Wagon. The good news is, there’s also an inflatable Griswold Wagon Queen Family Truckster complete with a Christmas tree on top. It has interior lighting to ensure maximum visibility all holiday long. Get the Station Wagon and adorn your lawn with these iconic Christmas-themed movie cars.

Inflatable Station Wagon

national lampoon christmas vacation station wagon

Get the inflatable RV here and the inflatable station wagon here.

national lampoon griswold truckster replica


Source: Amazon RV | Amazon Wagon