Snickers Peanut Brownie Squares Are Chocolatey Bite-Sized Pieces Of Heaven

Snickers will be releasing a decadent offering that combines two of our sweet tooth’s most beloved treats! Of course, the classic version will always be a delicious candy bar to pick us up when we get low. But this hasn’t stopped the brand from coming up with candy bars with pecan and almonds. This time, Mars didn’t just jazz things up with their choice of nut. They’ve completely switched things up by subtracting the nougat layer from the equation and replacing it with a peanut-brownie base. Josh Olken the brand director said in a press release that,

“Snickers and brownies are two of America’s favorite treats, and we know people love both for the deliciousness and comfort that they bring. So, what would be better than putting them together? We’re excited to release our exclusive first batch of Snickers Peanut Brownie for our biggest fans to taste. It’s sure to be a delicious treat that brings the ultimate satisfaction.”



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Snickers Peanut Brownie Squares! Peanuts. Milk Chocolate. Caramel. Brownie. Sadly these won’t be coming out until January 2021, but thanks @snickers and their PR partners for sharing an early sample with us! Initial Excitement: ???????? First Taste: ???????? Second Taste: ???????? Amount Consumed: ?????????? Would I buy again?: ???????? Final Rating: 4.5/5 Stars ???????? Snickers has done a lot to win me over recently. While I’m still not going to pick up an original Snickers (by default I’m normally against anything with nuts) the new creamy variety and the peanut butter crisper (?) have gotten me on board with the brand. This new Snickers Brownie continues that’s trend ? Are you excited for these? Let us know in the comments! ?? ? #thejunkfoodaisle #snickers #snickersbrownie #snickersbrownies #brownie #brownies #peanut #peanuts #chocolate #candy #candybar #caramel #comingsoon

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The Peanut Brownie squares combines two of our most beloved sweet treats

Unlike the classic version that comes in one solid bar, the Peanut Brownie comes in two individual squares. This form is reminiscent of how we serve brownies. It also helps us share or save the other square for later. That is, of course, if you can resist this milk chocolate coated treat that’s filled with a thick brownie layer embedded with peanut pieces and topped with caramel. According to reports, the Peanut Brownie treat will be available in three varieties: Single (1.2oz), Share (2.4oz) and a Share Stand Up Pouch (6.61oz).



Mars said that the Peanut Brownie candy bars will officially hit shelves in January 2021. But 1,000 lucky fans are already expecting a box of brownie-filled candy bars thanks to the brand’s promotional campaign. The campaign featured a countdown over at, where Mars Inc. chose 1,000 lucky participants to receive a box of the exclusive treats sometime in September.


Some fans have already sunken their teeth into the Peanut Brownie

Surprisingly, several fans have already gotten their hands on the new treat, like Instagram users @mnmtwinz and @snackgator. And since they’re literally among the blessed first few to sink their teeth into this new delight, it’s only right that they share what it was like! For @mnmtwinz, the peanut in the Peanut Brownie candy bar squares “add the perfect contrasting crunch and flavor to the rich, chewy brownie”. It was “quite simple yet surprisingly decadent in such a bite-sized treat”! Meanwhile, @snackgator didn’t hold back and raved that the treat “could seriously rival the original Snickers bar”.


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YUM YUM YUM! ? Snickers, you've truly outdone yourself this time! Last week, we told you guys about the brand new Snickers Peanut Brownie Squares coming out in January 2021. The good people at Snickers know how much Chomp loves his Snickers, so they sent some to The Swamp for a sneak peek. ? ? ? After just one bite, we knew we were in trouble. This could seriously rival the original Snickers Bar. ? It's LEGIT AF with brownie flavor and consistency, and that addition of the peanuts in the brownie sets it over the edge. Mix that with the classic caramel and milk chocolate coating and you have a ridiculously delicious and fun candy! WAY TO GO, SNICKERS! How excited are YOU to try these next year? ??

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I don’t know about you, but these two testimonies are enough to make us want to try the new treat now. In fact, I’m considering the Peanut Brownie squares as the light at the end of this tunnel now. I know I’m not the only one thinking the same thing!