What Looks Like Just A Stylish Desk Is Actually So Much More


When you look at this desk, it appears to be a regular, yet stylishly modern desk. Nice, sure, but nothing to write home about. However, when you open it up, it has something so awesome inside that you'll be queuing up to buy one. Sadly, the desk, which was designed by Studio NL, is currently only a concept, but if there's enough demand for it, who knows when this might become a reality. 


Studio NL

So, it looks just like a regular desk. A fancy one, yes, but nothing especially out of the ordinary. But, the sides lift up, and…. wow!


Studio NL

It transforms into a bed. A bed! Napping on the job takes on a whole new meaning! It actually looks pretty comfortable and there's even a TV in there.


Studio NL



This napping desk is amazing! Imagine if all offices had these and you could just have a quick snooze whenever you felt too tired. It might not be great for productivity, but a person can dream. Check out the video below for some more info on this awesome invention.




Do you think this is a great idea or simply impractical? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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