General Mills Has Brought Back The Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch Cereal And It’s Just As Good As Before

Cocoa Puffs, the round chocolate-flavored crunchy cereal bites that we all love, can now be enjoyed in a different form. General Mills is set to give us sweeter mornings by bringing back its Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch Cereal. Fans of this cereal brand could certainly remember these ‘sweetened chocolatey squares’ from back in 2011. And probably cried when they disappeared from the shelves.

For those who missed the square-shaped chocolatey cereal, you can now rejoice because you’ll be seeing it again this year. Early this year, there have been rumors that the Brownie Crunch Cereal is making a fresh comeback. The much-anticipated cereal is said to be back in August 2020. But it appears that they’ve already hit the shelves which is actually earlier than expected.


Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch

cocoa puffs brownie crunch

What actually makes it different from the classic Cocoa Puffs? Apart from the shape, the Brownie Crunch cereals have dark specks throughout them which seem to be tiny chocolate chips. So, every square gives a more chocolatey flavor in every bite. Chocolate lovers are going to love this variety even more than the original. People who have tried it claimed that the square pieces are a bit softer than the traditional one. And that’s to be expected since brownies are supposed to be fudgy, not crunchy.

If there’s something these two varieties have in common is that both give that munchy sensation that Cocoa Puffs are known for. Furthermore, the Brownie Crunch also leaves delicious chocolatey milk in your bowl that will make you go cuckoo. Let us inform you though that the square chocolatey cereal is a limited-edition offering. And just like what happened in 2011, they will eventually disappear from the shelves once again. You already know what to do, right? Stocking up on these goodies is the best way to go.

The Brownie Crunch is available in mid-size box and family size box. You can find them in the cereal aisle at your nearest grocery store. Or you can order the family size box online if you’re not in the mood for an essential trip.