Father Photographs His Three Daughters And With The Help Of Photoshop The Results Are Fantastical


John Wilhelm has been a photography fan as long as he can remember and, these days, some of his favorite subjects are his three lovely daughters. However, when he realized that photography alone wasn't quite scratching his creative itch, he decided to teach himself photo editing and manipulation skills. Now he uses these skills to place his daughters in all sorts of strange and magical situations. The results are wonderful and the photos have a very fantastical feel, like something out of a fairytale. Wilhelm says that perhaps the hardest part is when he tries to get his girls to pose in specific ways. They practice a bit first, but once they get into his attic studio space, the girls only have an attention span of around three minutes. Sweets, he says, do help a little, however.

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What wonderful photos! These girls will have some amazing childhood photos to enjoy for the rest of their lives. Let's just hope they can remember which ones were real and which imaginary.

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