Coca-Cola With Coffee Is Coming To Stores This Year In 3 Different Flavors

If you’ve ever found yourself having to choose between an ice cold can of soda and a hot cup of coffee to pick you up when you hit your afternoon slump, your dilemma finally has an answer. Three caffeine-packed Coca-Cola with Coffee sodas are reportedly fizzing their way to US shelves this year. This announcement may sound familiar to some soda fans, as Coke did release a similar drink 14 years ago.

Coca-Cola Bl?K debuted in 2006. It had all the makings of becoming a powerhouse pop. The idea of combining two of the world’s favorite beverages in one can seemed like a winner. However, despite its strong caffeine content, Coca-Cola Bl?K’s hype fizzled out after just two years. The company pulled it from shelves and went back to the drawing board. It may have taken them more than a decade to figure out, but we’re glad the combination’s finally coming back to bless our caffeine-dependent lives.


The new Coca-Cola with Coffee comes in three exciting flavors to suit your fancy

Popular Instagram food blog @candyhunting broke the news to their coffee-loving fans mid-January. According to the account, the three new Coke flavors are going to hit shelves in April, around the same time as Pepsi launches their own coffee-soda hybrids. However, we can’t help but feel that Coke has one-upped their competition by offering three options compared to the Pepsi pair. Perhaps the people at Coca-Cola’s drawing board asked the right questions this time, like, “How do people like their coffee?”

After all, our love for coffee may be universal, but the way we choose to enjoy it varies. Some like hot, some like it cold. Others prefer coffee in its purest, blackest form, while others enjoy it with cream, sugar and other mix-ins. The coffee-infused Coke comes in Dark Blend, Vanilla, and even Caramel flavor. We highly recommend getting all three and having them on rotation to keep things interesting!


Coca-Cola’s been testing their coffee-flavored concoctions around the world

The Coca-Cola with Coffee announcement may be new to the American demographic, but the concept’s actually been seen in other countries. For example, Coca-Cola Australia released a limited edition Plus Coffee No Sugar version in 2017.

Several Asian markets also welcomed a limited edition coffee-cola hybrid. Vietnam’s been enjoying the refreshing pick-me-up since 2018, while it came out in South Korea and China the following year. However, the upcoming caffeine-charged Cokes that’ll be hitting US stores in April 2020 are in a league of their own. Since Coca-Cola is less sweet than Pepsi, we’re really excited to taste how they work the bitter flavor of coffee into their drink!
You can get the Coca-Cola Espresso version on Amazon.


You can get the Coca-Cola Espresso version on Amazon.