Moving Before And After Photos Of Premature Babies


There must only be a few things more terrifying for a parent than their baby being born significantly prematurely. Although, there's a better chance of 'preemies' surviving now than there ever has been before, babies born extremely premature still have a long road ahead of them and lots of challenges to overcome. That's why Quebec photographer Red Methot started his Les Premas series, in which he takes photos of children who were born prematurely, holding photos of themselves shortly after birth. This helps us to see how far they've come and struggles that they've had, and are still facing in some cases. Some photos are especially poignant, such as the photo of Noah, holding a picture of himself and his twin sister Victoria, who died at just one month old. Other children are still wearing nasal cannulas to receive oxygen, showing that they still haven't fully recovered from their ordeal. Let's take a look at these little fighters and see how far they've come just to be with us today!
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