This Taylor Swift Photoshop Trend Will Make You Laugh

Taylor Swift is a mega star, with mega talent, and she knows it. In fact, over the years, she’s learned to own it! Not only did she pick up two Grammys at this year’s awards, and treat the watching millions to a typically stellar performance, she also turned heads on the red carpet in a bold and revealing outfit! Luckily, with a figure to die for and tons of self-confidence, Swift was able to pull off her daring outfit with aplomb. In one particular picture, she is seen striking a ‘look at me, I’m awesome’ pose, arms above her head. Published across the globe, the picture was quick to spark a highly amusing trend that saw Photoshoppers everywhere to compete and come up with the best version of the image! Take a look!

Here’s the original shot of Tay-Tay working it at the Grammys…

…And, here are Photoshppers’ takes on Swift’s pose!

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