28 Of The Funniest Product Instructions And Tags

You’ll notice that there are many things around you that offer instructions and information to help you out. This could be on the tags of your clothes, on the back of your beauty products or on the packaging of your food. More often than not, there’s nothing suspect or unique about these things. However, some companies like to throw in something a little different! Here we have some funny product instructions and tags that we find much more interesting than the standard things that we’re used to from the point of view of a consumer. Take a look! 

It’s a shame that some people need to be reminded of this, however, we love the little butt symbol! 

funny product instructions always wash your but


If you’re not familiar with ‘Cards Against Humanity’, you need to check it out, however, it’s not for the faint hearted! 

Pretty much… 

This is amusing to read, however, it is so dangerous for a misprint like this on medication!

It’s like someone has been watching you… 

Eating late at night just isn’t good for anyone, or anything! 

funny product instructions do not feed after midnight


How on earth would you swallow this?!

We’re receiving some mixed messages here… 

A product you know you can trust.

Because it’s important to take a break!

But, what if you live on your own?

Because too many people get injured trying to put underwear on head first?

The stages of frustration when trying to dry your hands! 

This company truly understands their target audience! 

Well, so many of these have provided us with a good chuckle. It’s nice to see that some companies aren’t afraid to break the mold. As long as people are provided with the relevant information to keep them safe and informed, we don’t see the problem with a joke here and there. In fact, we encourage it! It’s one way to ensure your product stands out from the crowd. We’ve got even more funny product instructions and tags coming your way so keep on scrolling to see more!

What a brilliant suggestion, however, the ‘optional’ bit isn’t necessary, we feel. 

They are some pretty good life instructions!

Well, this needs to be put to the test we think! 

When your shampoo bottle knows you too well. At least it’s encouraging! 

This piece of junk mail knows how to attract an audience, however, it’s probably still going in the bin. 

How to ensure you get as much advertising as possible…

Because people need to be reminded, apparently… 

Products that make their customers laugh are the best kind!

This tag is all for equality between genders! 

Top Gear’ never fails to make us laugh.

Thanks, Kurt! However, what result could you get using this end of a mug?

For those who don’t know when their clothes need washing… 

The companies are on to us…

Well, the warning is true, so, if it stops even one person from quick zipping then it’s worth having it there.