20 Confessions From Homeless Families That Are Struggling

Having a family requires parents to take care of certain responsibilities such as providing a home especially for the kids. Imagine how hard it is for one homeless person who is already struggling to survive… how much more if you have children who are struggling with you as well? It’s totally heartbreaking knowing that people are experiencing this kind of struggle. Here are some confessions from homeless families that make you think…

It’s hard to see the people you love struggling also.

You have to pretend everything’s okay for the kids.

Finding a place to live together with family is difficult when you’re homeless.

There’s still hope.

Thinking about the welfare of the kid is important.

What you expect is not always bound to happen.

You don’t want to disappoint your son.

If only you can also give up on being homeless just like that.

You have to stay strong for your kids.

Sometimes no matter hard you try, it’s still not enough.

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Cost of living can be really expensive.

He should do something because he’s going to be a father.

There are some things that are just out of your control.

Procrastination at its best.

The only good thing about hitting rock bottom is that there’s nowhere else to go but up.

If it were only easy to find a job.

Some people are just heartless.

You just have to act like nothing is wrong.

What can you do when your family is going through a rough time?

You got to do what is best for the kids.