Writing-Aid Grip Teaches Your Child How to Hold a Pencil Properly

Teaching a child how to hold a pencil correctly is not an easy task. And we ourselves have also gone through that phase when we trained hard to hold our pencil properly. With continuous supervision and practice, your child will eventually learn how to hold a pencil. But there’s actually an easier way to teach your child how to do it. This writing-aid grip that enables your child to learn the correct writing position.

writing aid grip

Safe and Effective

This smart little product is made of high quality silica gel that is as safe as a pacifier. It features 2 finger pockets for the thumb and index finger. Simply insert the pencil into the main tube then place your child’s thumb and index finger into the finger pockets. With consistent use, the writing-aid grip trains your child how to position the fingers properly while writing. Moreover, it prevents the middle finger from cocooning in order to maintain a good writing habit. And it can be used on either right or left hand so left-handed kids need not to worry.

This soft writing-aid grip comes in a set of 3 colors (blue, green, orange) to encourage your child to write. Plus, it features hollow ventilation design for a breathable and more comfortable grip.

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Let your kids learn the correct writing position with ease by letting them use this writing-aid grip. With this amazing product, there’s no room for error as your kids can further enhance their writing skills.
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