These Beer Mitts Are Perfect For Keeping Your Hands Warm While You Enjoy A Cold One

Finally, beer mitts are now a thing and we could all cheer to that. Ice cold beer is our booze for all seasons. Every sip keeps you cool in summer and keeps you warm in winter. Downing a bottle of cold beer in the summer is never a problem. However, just holding a bottle of cold beer in winter can be really complicated. You don’t need us to tell you how unforgiving it could be to hold a bottle of icy cold beer with our bare hands in frosty weather. No matter how we love to enjoy a boozy sip on extremely cold days, our hands could only take so much. Besides, all we want is to keep our hands warm during wintry weather.

Wearing winter gloves is an option. These cozy, thick mittens will still keep our hands warm even when we’re holding cold beers. However, chances of losing our grip on the slippery bottle are very high. Of course, you’d never want to see your favorite booze spattering on the ground. So, how can we hold our beers in winter without getting our hands cold? It is for this reason that these beer mitts are created.

beer mitts keep hands warm

These knitted beer mitts have the same grade of quality that of winter mittens. But the huge difference is that these gloves are shaped and designed to hold a beer. Whether bottled or canned, your ice cold beer will never slip down from your grasp anymore. This is because these gloves feature a pocket-like holder to hold your beverage. They securely hold your ice cold beer while keeping your hands warm at the same time.


These knitted beer mitts feature a pouch-like holder to securely hold your drinks

knitted mittens to hold a beer

These thick, fuzzy beer mitts feature high quality stitching in warm black color. Although this item is advertised as a canned beer holder, it also works perfectly with bottles too. But take note that this black knitted mitten is only for the right hand and it doesn’t come with a pair.

black knitted can holder glove


beer mitts


cold weather gloves with beer can holder

If you want something chic, these beer mitts in pink color is definitely for you. These knitted gloves are handmade from soft sheep wool blend that will keep your hands warm and your beer cold. Furthermore, these pink mittens come in a pack of four, all for right-hand use only though.

Both the black and the pink versions come in one-size-fits-all size. Even when you’re not a booze drinker, you can also use this to hold other bottled/canned beverages such as soda, iced coffee, or iced tea. It also protects your hand from getting burned from a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate drink.

pink beer mitts


pink beer mitts with bottle holder


pink winter glove with bottle holder


beer mitts bottle holder


knitted hand gloves designed to hold beer


beer mitts with bottle holder


stitched hand gloves designed to hold beer

Get the black beer mitts here and the pink-colored version here.