30 Chicken Coop Designs That Look Better Than The House

Chickens deserve all the love and care in the world. So, if you really love your chickens then you must build them the most “eggceptional” chicken coop design. By now, your adorable fowls probably have their own full-on playground. Now, why don’t you spoil them even more by letting them live in a sophisticated and comfy abode? You know what they say, beautiful creatures deserve a beautiful home. And that’s exactly what these gorgeous domesticated fowls need.

If you’re looking for unique ideas for your coop then you came to the right place. Since chickens are becoming more popular as pets, many owners have been coming up with their own ideas and designs to give their fowls the most beautiful homes. Backyard coops are now popping up everywhere and it’s about time you give your feathered pets the same comfort and luxury.


Creative Designs For Chicken Coops

creative chicken coops palace design

So, we’ve scoured the internet to give you the most creative designs that owners came up with for their coops. These fresh ideas might give you hints if you don’t know where to start. From Cluckingham Palace and Hotel Eggcelsior to Jurassic Bawk and Cirque Du Poulet, these clever owners also made the most fitting names for each extraordinary poultry house.

creative chicken coops ufo design


creative chicken coops hobbit house design


unique poultry houses tree house

Although there are pre-made coops available on the market, some owners prefer to build it themselves so they can customize it according to their fowls’ needs. The housing for your flocks can be as simple or fancy depending on your imagination and budget.

So, for the size, you should have a minimum of 3 square feet for the interior per chicken and around 10 square feet per chicken of space outside. Use weather-resistant materials and build it on high ground to avoid water and mud problems. And make sure to include a safe place to keep the egg layers.

hotel inspired poultry house


the doctor who inspired poultry house

Some owners choose to make their coops simple without any complicated features. And you can also go for the basic style by starting with a small shed built with recycled wood. But if you’re anything like this creative owners, you can’t just settle on the plain-looking ones, right?

Well, as long as your hens are safe and cozy inside their homes, adding some aesthetic elements will surely make you and your fowls happier. Not to mention, an eggstraordinary backyard coop will certainly make your neighbors and their feathered friends jealous.




creative chicken coops fairy tail design


unique poultry houses greek architecture


jurassic bawk sign poultry house




unique poultry houses adobe style


creative chicken coops pub design


charming chicken coops pink paint


homey poultry house


creative chicken coops repurposed police car


lord of the rings inspired poultry house






unique poultry houses egg shape


unique poultry house on sliding ground




home-like chicken coops