15 Amazing IKEA Hacks To Keep Kids Happy And Parents Sane


IKEA has become a way of life and no wonder as their furniture and products are just so versatile. With this in mind we have collected 15 of the coolest and most creative IKEA hacks that all parents should know. Whether you are looking for storage solutions for art materials or you want to create a one-off customized play kitchen, we have an awesome idea to suit you. Bet you are already imagining how happy your kid will be!


Easily turn a basic IKEA bookcase into a gorgeous open plan dolls house.  

bookcase dollhouse ikea


Make cool toys from random IKEA items.

kids wheel toys


This FLORT remote control pocket organizer is perfect for keeping your car tidy!

car organizer


Have fun turning a plain IKEA globe lamp into Mr Moon.

face globe light


An IKEA utensil holder is perfect for keeping art supplies organized.

art supplies table


Breathe life into an old IKEA dresser by using white paint and masking tape.

baby dresser


This coffee table makes an awesome work bench.

kids workbench


Why not make your kid their very own LED light table?

light table girl



Adding a BILLY bookshelf to the GULLIVER crib creates heaps of storage!

crib shelves


Jazz up and customize a plain IKEA play kitchen.

ikea play kitchen


The IKEA LATT children’s table and chairs is plain and functional. Pretty a set up by adding cushions and covers to the seats and adding some cool and fun wallpaper as a table top cover!

latt hack chairs table


The KURA bed makes a wonderful reading nook.

pink reading nook


You don't need to have any special creative skills to create a lovely bookshelf dollhouse.

ikea bookshelf dollhouse


Substitute a baby crib for the bottom bed on this MYDAL bunk bed.    

crib bed


 LOSJON wall hangers placed randomly on a wall and connected by string create a feature point for hanging drawings and paintings. 

art losjon