Reese’s Have Released ‘Mystery Shapes’ For The Holidays

We’re almost halfway through the spooky season. So, this only means that we’ll be replacing the Halloween fears with Christmas cheers anytime soon. Likewise, holiday-themed treats will soon be hitting the shelves before we even know it. For one, following Reese’s Pumpkins, here comes Reese’s Mystery Shapes in time for the upcoming holiday season. Honestly, we’re having quite a hard time decoding the mystery that clouds our favorite chocolate-peanut butter candies.

Reese’s shapes are probably the next best thing to Reese’s cups. Well, it’s simply because you’d get the same chocolate-peanut-buttery goodness with every bite. Plus, Reese’s never fails to surprise us with their seasonal shapes—both in a good way and a bad way. Remember how Reese’s Trees delighted and disappointed you back in 2015?

If yes, then you surely remember how these infamous Christmas-themed candies stirred up so much controversy. Mean tweets and memes were all over the internet at that time. Most were saying that the chocolates looked like more of a “blob” than an evergreen tree.


Reese's Mystery Shapes



Nevertheless, the brand handled this crisis in the sweetest way possible. With the hashtag, All Trees Are Beautiful, Reese’s claimed that it “celebrates trees of all shapes and sizes,” and that “it’s not what it looks like, it’s what it tastes like.” No Reese’s fan would definitely forget about that epic clap back.


Come 2019, Reese’s brings us not one, but three new holiday shapes after almost 20 years. Simply dubbed as “Mystery Shapes,” the brand is certainly not having a say on what these treats resemble. It’s entirely up to the fans to figure out. And knowing Reese’s reputation when it comes to shapes, opening a pack might not even guarantee an answer.

Reese's Mystery Shape 1



Reese's Mystery Shapse 2




We’re pretty sure that one of them definitely represents a stocking. The other one might be the infamous tree making a comeback to taunt us again. But the last one doesn’t seem to make any sense at all! Could it be Santa’s hat? A snowman? A gingerbread man? Or… Santa’s beard even? But it could be practically nothing at all! It might just be Reese’s sweet revenge on people who poked fun at its so-called tree-shaped candies back then. Well, we’ll never know.



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Ahh yes!! what’s a better mystery snack game then a game with chocolate that you actually are madly in love with?.. @reeses will have three new Mystery Shapes coming out this holiday season, they sent me a fun game to be the 1st to try and guess the new shapes. The company has not had a new shape in 20 years.


In 2015 people said the Reese’s Trees didn’t look like trees and Reese’s actually agreed. So now in 2019, they want to give us three new shapes to talk about. I mean honestly from Reese’s Eggs to Hearts to Bats I freaking love them all, so no matter what Ill dig um. I haven’t got a chance to play the game yet, but this weekend I will take a shot at the Mystery Shapes and post?..Are we excited to guess these shapes or just heavenly excited to eat Reese’s all together(team chubs)???.


Huge thanx to my friends @reeses & @hersheys for this lovely surprise???? #reeses #reesesmysteryshapes #newfood #foodgasm #picoftheday #foodporn #snacks #yum #mmm #hershey #hersheys #nyeats #foodofny #brooklyn #cheatmeal #f52grams #comingsoon #excited #amazing #lovemyreeses

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Sometimes I wish the world was made of Reese’s so I can walk outside and take a bite when ever I want ?(fat biach).. Reese’s have not had a new shape in 20 years, so they made 3 new shapes in a mystery pack. I cracked open the bag and admired these new shapes, my thoughts are.. 1 is either a Santa hat or lump of coal LOL..2 is of course a stocking sock..3 since we already have a tree this is a snow man or #krampus LOL..Now, don’t take my word for any of these @reeses did not reveal them to me, so your guess is as good as mine?..What do you think they are??..You can get this for the 2019 holiday season at Walmart, Target and any market that carries the brand?????????..


Huge thanx to the buds @hersheys for the pre guess fun package? #reeses #food #foodgasm #foodporn #reesesmysteryshapes #hersheys #candy #noms #mmm #yass #nyeats #foodofny #brooklyn #chocolate #foodgasm #foodporn #foodie #foodreview #cheatmeal #f52grams #stockingsock #lumpofcoal #LOL #mywildguess

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Nonetheless, one thing’s for sure. The taste of these mystery chocolates is no mystery at all. Expect that these will be as good as the original peanut butter cups that you’ve grown to love. So, make your Christmas countdowns more challenging as you decode Reese’s Mystery Shapes and join the never-ending debate!

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