People Are Sharing The Times They Saw Cats Actually Scaring Dogs For A Change

Sworn enemies, natural rivals and complete opposites – this is how we look at the relationship between cats and dogs. Although we’ve seen canines and felines living harmoniously together under one roof, many pet owners still have a hard time trying to make them get along. We need to understand that canines and felines have a naturally antagonistic relationship. Despite domestication, their natural tendency of seeing each other as enemies still remains in their genes. And, it would seem that the felines have the upper hand as owners often spot their cats bullying the dogs!

But then again, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be friends. Keep in mind that friendship takes time to develop and maintain. And that is true even for cats and dogs. You can’t expect them to become instant buddies right off the bat. Their natural instinct initially comes into play and they are likely to fight upon meeting for the first time. Dogs see cats as prey and cats see dogs as a threat. And it’s not something they choose to do, it’s just instinctively hardwired into their brains. But as they spend time together (and with the owner’s supervision), they learn to acknowledge each other as members of the family and eventually end up being friends. Even if cats enjoy bullying dogs.


Pet Owners Share The Times They’ve Caught Their Cats Scaring Dogs


“They Were Both Sleeping 3 Minutes Ago”

cats being jerks to dogs

It’s a proven fact that cats and dogs have different personalities. Our canine companions, once you’ve earned their trust, will be forever loyal to you. So, once they’ve formed a friendship with their live-in feline pals, they become the most loving and tolerant buddy. But the same can’t be said for the feisty kitties. No offense meant for all you cat lovers but felines are actually the biggest jerks in the animal kingdom. Once they’ve earned the trust of their canine pals, they don’t actually treat them as friends but rather as mere servants.


“Little Kittens Can Be Very Scary”

doggo scared of kittens


“I Was Able To Capture The Raw Anguish He Felt After Losing His Bed To The Void.”

kitty takes over the dog bed


“I’m Fine”

cats and dogs rivalry

As a loyal friend, a dog usually puts up with their feline friend’s bullying without any intention of fighting back. While, scheming felines tend to take advantage of this by acting all mighty and dignified. Pictures speak louder than words, right? That’s why we have collected these photos to show cats bullying dogs, it really shows that cats can be jerks!


“The Real Murderer Is In Your House”

kitty bites doggo


“My Cat Recently Discovered The Dog Bed”

kitty wins over the bed


“My Cat Stole My Dog’s Bone But The Dog Is Too Nice To Take It Back So Instead He Is Just Watching And Whining”

cats and dogs compete over bone


Cats And Dogs Have Competition But It Can Get Out Of Hand

It’s cute to watch cats and dogs having friendly competition. But owners need to determine when the competition is getting out of hand. Sure, dogs can be extremely lenient with other household pets. But they surely know when enough is enough. They won’t hesitate to fight back when push comes to shove. And trust us when we say that felines don’t stand a chance against them when they take the fight seriously. If you think a fight is about to break out, separate them immediately and make sure to calm them down before letting them see each other again.


“‘Why Is Your Dog So Afraid Of Cats?’ -Everyone”

kitty attacking doggo


“My Cat Touching My Parents’ Dog Just To Make Her Growl”

cats and dogs touch makes her growl


“My Fiancée’s Coworker Sent Us An Update On The Kitten We Gave Him. Zilla Demonstrating Why We Named Her Godzilla”

kitten showing whos the boss


“When Your Cat Tries To Drown Your Dog”

cats trying to drown dogs


“I Heard You Were Looking For A Dog Sitter…”

kitty as a dog sitter


“My Big Dog Won’t Pass The Cat Or Even Make Eye Contact For That Matter”

cats not letting dogs pass


“I Picked My Dog Up From The Groomers And My Cat Isn’t Too Pleased I Brought Her Back”

cats unhappy with dogs in the house


“I Heard My Dog Growling And Went To Check On Her”

kitty pushing dog head into the food bowl


“Our Cat Urinated In Our Dog’s Water Bowl…Guess Its Payback For The Dog Eating The Cat’s Food”

vengeful cats urinate on water bowl


Not Even Dog Treats Are Safe


“My Cat Stealing The Dogs Bone”

sneaky cats stealing dog bone


“My Dog Is Scared Of The Cat And She Knows It”

cats bullying dogs


“My Idiot Cat Performing A Sneak Attack On My Poor Senior Dog”

kitty sneak attack on senior dog


“My Dog Is Stuck Because The Cat Knows She Controls The Stairs”

kitty controls the stairs


“I Don’t Know How He Tolerates The Cat”

dog tolerates feisty kitty


“My Cat Thinks He’s A Dog… And My Dog Is Unamused”

kitty owns the dog bed


“My Dog Is A Saint, Cat Not So Much”

kitty bites dog ear


“Found An Old Series Of Pictures From When My Dog And Cat First Met. It Did Not Go Well For My Dog”

cats and dogs first meeting


“Louie Is Begging Me, With His Eyes, To Make Allie Move”

kitty gatekeeper


“Send Me The Catnip And The Dog Lives”

dog defeated by a kitten


“Copper (Cat) Hates It When Cooper (Dog) Tries To Play With Him”

cats refuse to play with dogs


“Caught My Cat In The Act Of Definitely Not Trying To Smother My Dog”

kitty tries to smother dog


“My Cat Sits In The Doorway To Stop The Dog From Going Inside”

kitten blocking the doorway for dog


“She Swatted His Head One Time”

dog scared of the fluffy kitty


“My Dog Cries At Me When The Cat Steals Her Food”

cats stealing dog food


“This Is An Obstacle My Dog Faces Every Day”

feline guardian of the stairs


“Sam Will Sit On Top Of The Dog’s Food Container, Forcing Me To Feed Him First”

cats want to be fed first


“My Girlfriend’s Cat Is A Jerk To My Dog”

cats and dogs fighting


“The Beginning Of 18 Years And Counting Of Being A Jerk”

cats and dogs fight captured on photo