Funny Photos Of Cats And Dogs Trying To Live Harmoniously

When there are cats and dogs living together under one roof, expect the unexpected. You can’t force them to live happily together. Besides, they are not close buddies in nature. But, having them live together isn’t always a hardship. Some pet owners even find it amusing at times. Pets will do just anything to get their owner’s love and attention, even if it means having to live with their enemy and trying to get along together. Here are some funny photos of cats and dogs trying their best to live in harmony!

Who needs a rug when you have a dog?

A dog trying to figure out how to reclaim his territory from an invader.

A cat on my left, a cat on my right! Oh no, I’m doomed!

There’s a new dog in the house. And the cat suddenly becomes a sneaky stalker.

“Don’t think you can get away with it” says the jealous cat.

The two kitties are hesitant to approach the new puppy.

Who says we can’t get along?

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The face of defeat…

This cat is trying to test how durable this recovery collar is.

The two moods we all feel…

I’ve found the most comfortable spot on the sofa.

The puppy just can’t get enough of his furry friend.

We’re having a neck-to-neck situation here.

This first meeting is kinda awkward.

Before and after their owner came into the room.