‘Elf’-Themed Winter Wonderland Suite Opens At New York Hotel For Christmas

One of the things that Buddy the Elf wanted to do in New York was to “sleep inside a Christmas card”. He certainly got that done, and now his fans can too! This holiday season, Club Wyndham has created a winter wonderland suite that looks exactly like the inside of Christmas card. We’ve all stayed at hotels before. But this suite is unlike any other! Have you ever stayed the night in a Christmas wonderland? We don’t think so.

“Every detail of this Elf-inpsired suite was designed to put families in awe from the moment they walk in,” Noah Brodsky, Wydnham Destination’s chief brand officer, said. “Visiting New York during the holidays is at the top of every travelers’ bucket list, and Club Wyndham wants to help our owners check that list off in a spectacular way. We think there’s no better way to do it than to get families immersed into Buddy the Elf’s whimsical Christmas world.”

They’ve achieved that with their giant gifts strewn all over the suite! Stepping into this Christmas-fied suite will, without a doubt, make you feel the magic of the beloved holiday.


Wyndham Midtown 45’s winter wonderland suite looks like Santa’s workshop

elf-inspired door of the winter wonderland suite
Club Wyndham

Typically, hotel rooms have an austere, elegant ambiance. However, Christmas is everything but that. The holiday calls for glitter, sparkle, wonder and magic! Wyndham Midtown 45 has certainly delivered, with their impressively over-the-top transformation of one of their single-bed suites. The special suite will be hard to miss with its dressed up door as it features a design inspired by Buddy’s iconic jacket. When the door opens, it leads to a Christmas card-worthy room that looks exactly like Buddy’s wildest dream.

living and dining area at the winter wonderland suite
Club Wyndham


present ladden christmas tree at the winter wonderland suite
Club Wyndham

Upon entry, you’ll definitely need a moment to take it all in. The room looks exactly like something that Buddy would create with his super fast decorating skills. In fact, the room feels like an entirely different world in itself… it’s like you’ve just stepped into Santa’s personal workshop, with all those giant gift boxes piled everywhere in the room! Every inch of this room exudes the holiday spirit.


Holiday decoration covers this room from floor to ceiling

paper snowflakes on the winter wonderland suite ceiling
Club Wyndham

Hundreds of paper snowflakes, popcorn and paper garlands adorn the ceiling. Stockings line the wall, along with several other embellishments. Lengths of solid red ribbons topped with candy cane-pattered bows garnish cabinet doors and other rectangular elements in the room. In the corner of the suite’s living area, a towering Christmas tree gilded with golden ornaments stands surrounded by a multitude of gifts. However, that isn’t the highlight of this winter wonderland suite.

club wyndham gift wall
Club Wyndham

A variety of colorful Christmas gift box lids hang behind the suite’s sofa, which would definitely make a great backdrop for those holiday Instagram posts and stories. In the bedroom, you’ll also find a Christmas gift box installation on the wall directly opposite the bed. In addition, Christmas colored throws, pillows and tinsel garlands add a festive feel to the comfy bed.

winter wonderland suite giftbox-filled bedroom
Club Wyndham


elf suite


the ceiling and wall decor of the bedroom
Club Wyndham

Ornaments, tinsel garlands and paper snowflake strands can also be found in the bathroom. Tufts of fluffy white “snow” also line the bathroom shelves and a Santa-shaped basket contains several bath “snowballs” as well. Wyndham’s definitely pampering us in the most festive of ways!

bathroom at the winter wonderland suite
Club Wyndham


christmas-fied bathroom at the winter wonderland suite
Club Wyndham


Feast on Buddy’s favorite holiday treats courtesy of Wyndham

in-suite kitchen loaded with holiday treats
Club Wyndham


festive elf feast at the winter wonderland suite
Club Wyndham

Club Wyndham has also graciously stocked the in-suite kitchen with Buddy’s favorite Christmas goodies. A coffee machine is present to give you the world’s best cup of coffee. Aside from that, packets of hot choclate and two large bottles of soda are also provided to quench your thirst. Sugary treats galore are also available to complete your Elf-inspired holiday with Wyndham.

Stuff your face with candy canes, candy corn, marshmallows and Pop Tarts courtesy of Wyndham Midtown 45. They’ve even thrown in some spaghetti noodles and chocolate syrup for you to recreate Buddy’s syrup-drenched spaghetti breakfast!



Wonder if we can bake the Buddy the Elf sugar cookies here? Does the in-suite kitchen come with an oven or a microwave? If so, then that would just be delightful!


Experience the most magical Christmas at New York with Wyndham Midtown 45

window sill decor at the winter wonderland suite
Club Wyndham

Per the hotel’s official press release, the suite’s guests are entitled to complimentary admission for four people to the Empire State Building plus tickets to the Rockfeller Center ice skating rink. You can stay at this Christmas wonderland suite for $399/ a night or 15, 000 Wyndham Rewards points on select evenings.

Fans who managed to book the room when it went live on November 25th can begin staying in the suite starting December 2nd. However, the suite will only be exclusively available for Wyndham vacation club members during Christmas week (December 21st to 26th). So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the chance of experiencing the most magical Christmas ever with Wyndham! Book now, before it’s too late!


Watch the Wyndham crew transform the standard suite into the holiday-exclusive Elf-themed wonderland

Just tote the Buddy the Elf scented candle here and you’ve got yourself the ultimate Elf-themed holiday in the history of holidays.

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