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Genius School ideas

30 Genius School Ideas That Should Be At Every School

A school is like a second home where teachers act like parents and students learn practical lessons. However, the learner and the teacher aren’t the only essential components that make up a school. Yes, the school building itself also plays a major r...
chicken tutus

Chickens Can Now Get Colorful Tutus Because They’re Fabulous

Never would have we imagined that a day would come when chickens become more fashionable than we are. Yet here we are, looking at the trendy chicken tutus while wondering how a tiny piece of clothing could transform our feathered pets into stylish ha...
funny Polite Graffiti

30 Times People Spotted Graffiti That Was Overly Polite

Let’s try to look at the bright side of vandalism with hilariously polite graffiti found in random public spaces. Back in the day, graffiti had a bad reputation that made it almost synonymous with vandalism. But over the years, the practice of unauth...