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impressive tattoos

This Swedish Tattoo Artist’s Impressive Tattoos Are Next Level

Back in the day, you’d either have to be an important member of society (like a chief or warrior) to have tattoos. But things have changed drastically over time. Nowadays, anyone can get inked. And every artist has their own signature style. Some cre...
Tree bookcases

Tree Bookcases Are A Stylish Alternative To The Standard Design

Books give wings to our imagination and help us develop our thoughts while providing us with endless knowledge and lessons. So, it’s only fitting to organize and display them on attractive shelving that doesn’t only save a lot of space but also makes...
Anime drawings

This Dad Turns His Sons’ Artwork Into Awesome Anime Characters

Dads can make everything better. Just like this dad for instance who turns his sons’ drawings into awesome anime characters. So, Thomas Romain is a French animator who is currently living in Tokyo, Japan. Since 2001, he has been working in Japanese m...