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Creative Christmas tree ideas

50 Creative Christmas Tree Ideas That Won Christmas

When tradition meets modern themes, expect a clash of contrasting styles that unexpectedly work. Just like these Christmas trees created by people who dared to step away from the orthodox. Traditionally, the evergreen fir tree has been used to celebr...
christmas tree hairstyles

Christmas Tree Hairstyles Are Fast Becoming A Holiday Trend

It would be nice to celebrate the holiday season by bringing along the fancy Christmas trees wherever we went. This Christmas Tree hairstyle allows you to do just that. By styling your hair in the form of a tree, it makes it possible to build a Chris...
Unusual tattoos

24 Unusual Tattoos That Put A Unique Twist On The Art

Are you planning to get inked? But can't find the perfect design? If so, take a look at these unusual tattoos because there are ideas to help you. The art of tattooing is believed to date back 12,000 years and it seems like tattooing is more popular ...