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t-rex snow sculpture

Man Builds Giant 12ft T-Rex Out Of Snow In His Front Yard

If you happen to pass by Shelburne Avenue in Becker, Minnesota – keep your eyes peeled for a gigantic T-Rex snow sculpture in the neighborhood just a few blocks north of Highway 10. The colossal frozen artwork stands on the yard of Paul Larcom who ha...
dress made out of pennies

Crafter Shay Rose Creates Beautiful Dress Using 2,000+ Pennies

Thinking of ways to dispose those unwanted pennies? Before you throw your coins away, consider making good use of them and put them to creative use. You can decorate your floors or make a table top out of them. If you’re into fashion, you can also ma...
3D printed cat helmets

Man Creates Little 3D-Printed Helmets For His Cat

With a desktop 3D printer, you can do anything. From making prosthetic legs or wheelchair for immobile animals to stylish pieces of decorations – this technology is proposing a faster and more efficient method of creating things in the comfort of you...