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bad renovations

15 Times Buildings Were Replaced And Looked 10x Worse

Renovation helps improve the structure, style, comfort and value of a building. But what if the supposed 'improvement' went horribly wrong? Just like these renovated buildings that went from ‘magnificent’ to ‘terrible’. The result is so shockingly ba...
Arched Tiny Homes

Tiny Arched Homes Are More Affordable Than You Think

For as low as $1,000, you can now have a cozy, attractive, durable, and cost effective home. Better by design, these arched tiny homes are the most efficient solution to those who wish to 'live small'. These easy-to-build structures are manufactured ...
lie down economy seat

New Economy Class Seat Design Allows Passengers To Lie Down

Long-haul flights are equally exciting and exhausting. More often than not, they signify that you're off to an interesting destination. However, sitting for long hours in a flying aircraft is certainly not something you would look forward to. Well, f...