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at-at bbq grill

The Force Is Strong With This At-At BBQ Grill

Star Wars fans don’t just grill their food with an ordinary BBQ grill. And if you proclaim yourself to be one of them then you should also get yourself this At-At BBQ Grill. As of now, you probably have the Darth Vader Grill that allows you to grill ...
birdhouse roof tiles

This Company Has Created Roof Tiles That Double As Birdhouses

A Turkish terracotta manufacturer is producing birdhouse roof tiles and they are what they sound like. These are Marseilles terracotta tiles that also double as houses for birds. Turkey is a key stopover for migratory birds as it acts as a bridge bet...
luxury motorhome with built-in garage

This Luxury Motorhome Has Its Own Built-In Garage For Your Car

Traveling is a great. However, it takes money. Travel expenses, accommodation and other essential expenses can drain your wallet pretty fast. So, what can you do to cut down on your travel spending without compromising your trip? Get a motorhome! Mor...