Tree Bookcases Are A Stylish Alternative To The Standard Design

Books give wings to our imagination and help us develop our thoughts while providing us with endless knowledge and lessons. So, it’s only fitting to organize and display them on attractive shelving that doesn’t only save a lot of space but also makes a striking decoration. Just like these tree bookcases that come in the form of a leafless tree with multiple branches serving as the shelves to hold your books.

These decorative bookshelves offer an appealing way to decorate an empty wall while providing a storage space for your books. So, it’s like a functional bookcase and wall art combined into one piece. It will be a lovely feature in your living room, bedroom, study room or in your office. Plus, this tree-shaped bookcase will make you feel like you’re reading a book underneath a tree. So, there’s no need to go outside just to get that experience.


Tree Bookcases

tree bookshelves

Etsy shop TreeBookcase is known for its wide range of tree branch bookcases which are handmade from high quality reclaimed pine wood. The shop offers bookshelves in various designs, sizes and finishes. Since all its tree branch models are produced using recycled wood from trees that have lost their life, these eco-friendly units will bring nature in your home. They are a wonderful way to bring eco style into modern interior design while offering space-saving benefits and elegant organization.

tree bookshelves wall art

This rustic tree bookshelf, for instance, has multiple branches on both sides of the trunk. Furthermore, each branch offers additional shelves so you can store and organize more books.

wooden tree branch wall mounted furniture

There’s also the live edge model if you prefer furniture with a more natural look and feel.

live edge pine tree bookcase

Another model features a tree with long branches sprouting from only one side of the trunk. This is designed to be installed in a wall corner to give more space for other wall-mounted appliances.

tree bookshelves wall mounted

All tree branch models are available in 6 finishes including natural wood, ebony, white, chestnut, black and walnut. Since each piece is handmade, you can send the shop a message for your customization details if you want a different size and color. Take note that these tree bookshelves will arrive disassembled. Hence, you’ll need to put the components together and mount each part onto your wall. Your purchase includes the necessary screws to help you fix the branches on the wall and easy-to-follow directions to guide you through the installation.

tree branch wall art


live edge pine tree shelving

Not a book lover but would love to have this tree-shaped bookcase? Of course, you can use this shelving unit for other items aside from books. You can use it to display small potted plants, collectible figures, DVDs, candle holders, diffusers and more. The nature-inspired structure itself can be an ornamental element on its own. One satisfied customer wrote:

“I ordered this bookcase for our nursery. We were able to build and secure it to the wall in about 2 hours and love it! My husband is jealous and would like one in his office now!”

Get yours here.

reclaimed pine tree bookshelves

Source: Etsy