You Can Get A Star Wars-Inspired AT-AT Walker Bed

No one is ever too old for Star Wars-themed merchandise. In fact, most of what is available on the market these days specifically caters to grownups. From cookware, rugs, fire pits, furniture and more, these pieces don’t just look good but are functional as well. Best of all, they allow you to flaunt your geeky side while being a responsible adult. Of course, as an adult, getting good quality sleep is imperative. Luckily, you can now get yourself a giant Star Wars AT-AT Walker Bed, so you can be with the force even in your sleep!

This Imperial Walker bunk bed was built by the company Tiny Town Studios in 2017 for an Orlando-based vacation rental. Tiny Town Studios prides itself on constructing theme parks, miniature golf courses, waterparks and other themed facilities for commercial use. At the same time, they also offer residential design services, including custom bunk beds, playhouses, treehouses and themed rooms. Indeed, the company lives up to its tagline, “Imagination is what we live for.”

star wars at-at walker bed by tiny town studios
Tiny Town Studios


Get yourself this giant Star Wars AT-AT Walker Bed, so you can be with the force even in your sleep!

The company recently listed the combat vehicle-inspired bed on their Etsy page which has garnered over 480 favorites to date. Unfortunately, the listing doesn’t provide much information about the product, although there are photos for reference. Apparently, the legs of the Imperial Walker fit around the bed like a frame, while the body serves as the top bunk of the bed.

star wars at-at walker bunk bed by tiny town studios
Tiny Town Studios

In terms of craftsmanship, you certainly won’t be disappointed, as it accurately represents the war machine down to the last detail. From the blasters and canons down to the footpad and toe flap, it basically stays true to the movie’s depiction of the combat vehicle.

star wars themed custom bunk
Tiny Town Studios


custom bunk inspired by star wars all terrain armored transport
Tiny Town Studios

Feel free to send Tiny Town Studios a message for more information on this colossal bed. Obviously, you have to pay good money for such an amazing piece of furniture. If it’s any consolation, the company offers multiple payment plans, so you can choose one that best fits your needs. Check it out on Etsy.

Source: Tiny Town Studios