Kitten Takes His Stuffed Dragon Toy To The Vet To Make Him Feel Safe

Toys don’t just provide fun and games for kids but they also make them feel safe. But, this is not just for kids but for animals as well. Just take a look at this adorable kitten who has a stuffed dragon as a BFF. The kitten is named Ponyo which was apparently inspired by the Studio Ghibli film Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (2008). Ponyo was a stray kitten who was found roaming around the home of Samantha Smart in Florida. When Smart and her family heard the tiny kitten making sad little cries, they knew they needed to do something to help it.

Samantha tried to look for the kitten’s mom but it turned out that the stray kitty was wandering around alone. So, the Smart family decided to take the poor kitten into their home. To help Ponyo settle into his new home, Samantha’s daughter thought of giving him a new friend. So, they got him a toy dragon to keep him company. Ponyo immediately fell in love with his new companion which they named Dragon. And the two have been inseparable since then. Ponyo sleeps with his toy every night and spends most of his time with Dragon by his side.


This Kitten Brought Along His Stuffed Dragon With Him To The Vet

kitten and stuffed dragon best friends
Operation Catnip

As a responsible owner, Samantha decided to take Ponyo to the vet to get him neutered. But, Samantha knew it won’t be easy for Ponyo to undergo surgery, considering he’s just starting to adapt to his new environment. That’s when they thought of taking his dragon along with him to the vet. This would surely make Ponyo feel safer and less scared.

operation catnip ponyo story post
Operation Catnip


“Ponyo was so nervous! Luckily he had his best buddy Dragon with him!”

ponyo with his stuffed dragon
Operation Catnip


Operation Catnip Helps Stray Cats

When Ponyo arrived at Operation Catnip, a non-profit organization offering spay-neuter procedures for feral and stray cats, the staff instantly noticed the plush toy he was clinging onto. To help Ponyo get through the surgery, the staff decided to keep the toy dragon next to him throughout the procedure. They got the two BFFs laid down next to each other as they prepared for the procedure. And they made sure that Dragon received the same service as Ponyo.


“Don’t worry Ponyo, Dragon will protect you!”

ponyo kitten with his plush toy
Operation Catnip


“We couldn’t let Ponyo go through surgery alone! Ponyo watches as Dragon gets anesthetized! ‘Take good care of my Dragon’ he says!”

plush toy helps kitten get through surgery
Operation Catnip

After checking his heart rate, the staff pretended to also check Dragon’s heart rate. While Ponyo was getting neutered, another staff member was also pretending to neuter Dragon. And the trick seemed to work. With the dragon by his side getting the same treatment, Ponyo seems to be at ease throughout the entire procedure. Even after the surgery, the staff made sure that Dragon was within Ponyo’s reach at all times.


“Checking Ponyo’s heart rate”

ponyo kitten and plush toy neuter surgery
Operation Catnip


“Checking Dragon’s heart rate”

stuffed dragon keeps kitten company neuter surgery
Operation Catnip


“So brave!”

plush toy makes kitten braver for surgery
Operation Catnip


“Ready to get neutered!”

kitten and stuffed dragon getting neutered
Operation Catnip


“Shave for Ponyo!”

shave for ponyo kitten
Operation Catnip


“Shave for Dragon!”

shave for stuffed dragon
Operation Catnip


“Vacuum up stray hairs from Ponyo!”

vacuum up stray hairs from ponyo
Operation Catnip


“Vacuum up stray scales from Dragon!”

vacuum up stray scales from stuffed dragon
Operation Catnip


“Both boys getting neutered at the same time!”

ponyo kitten and plush toy getting neutered together
Operation Catnip


Almost done!

operation catnip staff neuter kitten and stuffed dragon
Operation Catnip


“Dragon keeps Ponyo warm during recovery!”

ponyo kitten and plust toy after neuter surgery
Operation Catnip


“The most special friends!”

ponyo kitten recovering after surgery
Operation Catnip


“Ponyo’s waking up! He says ‘What’s going on?’ Dragon comforts him!”

kitten comforts a plush toy after surgery
Operation Catnip


Best friends forever!

kitten and plush toy undergo surgery together
Operation Catnip

Operation Catnip shared the photos of Ponyo and his stuffed dragon on their Facebook page. And the endearing photos of the two BFFs melted hearts. Samantha created the Facebook page Adventures of Ponyo and Dragon to showcase the daily lives of these two unlikely best friends. Now after their successful surgery, both Ponyo and Dragon are living happily and healthily as members of the Smart family.

ponyo kitten and plush toy reading a book
Adventures of Ponyo and Dragon


So, people are falling in love with the friendship of Ponyo and his dragon

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