14 Humorously Modified Maps That Explain Life


We've already featured the art of Christoph Niemann, when he used everyday objects to finish up his paintings. However, now it's time for something completely different. This particular project from Niemann is a series of modified maps that humorously depict situations you'll come across in life. The series was actually first featured on the New York Times' website, as part of a column called "Abstract Sunday". These maps cover everything from making omelets, to economics, to buttery spreads. A random selection, perhaps, but it doesn't make them any less worthy of a chuckle. Nieman's art has been featured everywhere from The New Yorker to Wired to Time, and beyond, so he's got quite a pedigree behind him. His work is also regularly displayed in galleries, so if you're lucky, you might have one of his exhibitions near you soon. But, for now, let's check out these amusing maps. 

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